January 28, 2013

A different perspective

It was the same space...the same four walls...or was it fourteen? Or forty? Everything seemed different, every movement seemed deliberate! Every corner seemed sharper, every angle felt more pronounced. The lights were brighter, the touch was firmer, the senses...more heightened? She closed her eyes but opened them immediately! She didn't want to miss out on the moments of clarity! She heard them clearly...flitting and floating out of her head...clearly! And yet, she was feeling a bit numb. Not numb...but just a bit like she wasn't in it fully. Even so, she floated in and out of this space, going about her routine, making sure that things were getting done, making sure that nothing was out of place, making sure that all was OK.

It was a good space to be in. A space that was warm, a space that was welcoming, a space that made her calm, a space that was filled with love, a space that filled her with love! Smiles, faces, voices...that's all mattered. That feeling of security that only comes when the heart is happy...when the mind is calm...when the body is relaxed...and open to experiences.

Yoga? You betcha!


shelly said...

This randomness reminds me of our amazing yoga space we have. Smiles, Peace, Love and tranquility.
Jai, Namaste

Arch said...

Julia Roberts said something about Yoga which made me chuckle. Sharing it with you.. "I dont want yoga to change my life'just my butt' :)

Random Rambler said...

Thanks for reading Shelly and Arch. 2 contrasting comments - love them both! :)