January 30, 2013

Time, moments and everything in between

Here's a post from around the same time last year. Not sure why but this post is inspired by time as well. Something to do with the time of year maybe.

A year seems like a long time - twelve whole months, fifty two full weeks and three hundred and sixty five (and a quarter) days. It sounds like a lot and maybe it is. But sometimes, you wonder where it all went and how it went by so quickly. Do you wonder what you did with all that time? Whether you used it well or if you wasted it? Whether you remember it well or if you'd rather forget? Whether you made a difference or if you went with the flow? Whether you felt alive or if you just lived?

There are so many quotes about time...most that talk about time's transient nature. But what about moments in time? Everyone has moments...and moments! Moments you wish had happened, maybe a little sooner even. Moments you wish hadn't, whether sooner or later. Moments that are etched so clearly and moments that fade even as they happen. Moments you treasure and moments you bury.

Will time help separate these moments?
Is time the illusion that Einstein said it is?
Will time heal, like they say it does?
Can time wait just a bit to let you be?

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